What qualities make Lemon Aide so great?

Lemon Aide products are family friendly (pets and kids), non-toxic, hypoallergenic, biodegradable, free of SLS, free of chlorine, free of dyes, free of ammonia, free of synthetic fragrance so no harsh chemical smells.  We also use BPA free bottles.  We are also proudly Canadian made.

So if Lemon Aide doesn't have chemicals, what exactly is in it?

Every product contains natural ingredients that promote cleanliness in one way or another.  They include vinegar, pure essential oils and plant surfactants (foaming agents).  Our original Lemon Aide products actually contains the essential oils equivalent to 7 fresh lemons.  Pretty amazing!

Does Lemon Aide guarantee satisfaction?

Yes we sure do. If for whatever reason you are not satisfied with your purchase you can email us sales@maisonapothecare.ca and we will walk you through the process of getting a full refund or please go to our Shipping/Return info page for more information.

Does Lemon Aide Test On Animals?

Absolutely not.   We love our pets which is why Lemon Aide is also pet-friendly.

Is Lemon Aide safe for pets?

Yes it is. Since it is toxic-free it is safe for our four legged friends. Many of our customers use Lemon Aide Floor Cleaner and Lemon Aide Toilet Bowl Cleaner (for those pets who use the toilet as a drinking bowl) because it is pet-friendly.

Is Lemon Aide safe for babies?

Well actually, Lemon Aide is actually Mom-Made by Natacha Rey. The very reason Lemon Aide exists today is due to her personal frustration when she couldn't find a high performance, high quality, all natural cleaning product.  Natacha decided to create her own brand that she was 100% confident in, hence Lemon Aide was born.  Our all surface cleaner is great for disinfecting high chair tables and also cleaning your kids toys a very natural and safe way.

Why do Lemon Aide products make me feel like cleaning?

Believe it or not, we receive regular testimonials that our products inspire people to clean....truly!  Lemon essential oil has the ability to uplift and clear your mind. To have people rave that something as mundane as cleaning brings new found joy really makes us smile from ear to ear.  It truly is cleaning that will make you and your family happy!