Baby Lemons: messy moments in life

Our Surface Cleaners were developed out of one mothers need for high performance cleaning + all natural aromatic relief from toddler troubles.   I discovered that my daughter suffered from motion-sickness around the same time that she was toilet training, learning to feed herself and discovering the joys of drawing on walls.  It was during this time that I began concocting what is now the Lemon Aide Surface Cleaner, available in Original Lemon and Lemon + Lavender.   This product got our family through some really unpleasant moments and here are some tips on how they could help you too:

1.  Car travel:  spray and wipe the dirtiest of messes from food spills to grimy hand prints.  For serious messes and foul odours you may want to remove carseat from car, spray and soak with the Surface Cleaner and allow to dry outdoors.   Tip:  because this product is natural,  in a pinch you can spray down your little ones hands and wipe with a paper towel.

2.  Kitchen catastrophes: clean up spills, splashes, dribbles and sprinkles on floors, walls, cupboards and high chairs with our surface cleaner.  

3.  Artistic endeavors:  spray and soak all surfaces affected by paint splatter parties,  finger painting and any other creative projects gone awry.  Wipe and repeat until clean.  You may also spray and soak onto affected clothing prior to washing

4.  Potty-training:  sanitize as needed throughout your home as your tiny tot learns to use the toilet.  You can also leave some Surface Cleaner in the potty between use.

5. Clean-training:  finally, family cleaning can be fun!  Point - aim - trigger!  It's never too early to learn to clean.  Our family-friendly all natural products make them safe for everyone to use.  

Happy cleaning!